Andrea Ghetti
Product Strategy Consulting

I offer a new strategic perspective to help your business achieve its goals.

I can help you develop a targeted and profitable product strategy, providing specific services such as packaging, displays, packaging, shipping, trade show and store setups, and anything else requested by your marketing and creative team.


Not having a strategic plan can lead to inefficient product management, poor sales, and failure to achieve objectives.

Benefits I offer to my clients:

  • Setting up a profitable strategy for products
  • Assistance in product development
  • Support in product management and sales

Top 3 benefits:

  1. Improved sales
  2. Increased profit
  3. Enhanced customer satisfaction


"I always try to fully understand the customer's problem by putting myself in their shoes."

"I communicate my understanding and willingness to help, offering customized solutions and supporting the customer at every stage of the journey."

"My priority is to meet the needs of the customer and exceed their expectations."


Discover the secrets of winning product strategies, to create value!

Who I am

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I also work as a specialized consultant in product strategy development, a role better defined as Product Strategy Consulting.

In over 30 years of experience, going from failures to great successes, I have learned to focus my attention on product strategies, obviously in synergy with profitable marketing.

I am available to help smart entrepreneurs reach their GOALS.

As a consultant, I have led numerous projects to success for international premium brands, and being in high demand, I am forced to carefully select clients in order to offer them a real and measurable advantage.

diego pagani

Andrea Ghetti

Product Strategy Consulting

andrea ghetti

Some satisfied clients:

Atelier Ecstrema Ducati Maserati Alfa Ferrari Pagani Lamborghini Bypagani nike borsalino philipp Meissen Ferretti Riva Pininfarina Ecstremo

Book now a consulting session with me.

  1. Contact me to evaluate your project.
  2. We will create a customized strategy.
  3. We will implement the plan together.

What can I do for you:

  • Set your product strategy in the most profitable way
  • Help you create the right synergy with your product vision by integrating it with your marketing needs, all with the aim of creating the most suitable product to achieve your goals
  • I can help you not only in product development but also in everything that is necessary for management and sale: for example packaging, display stands for sale, packaging, packaging, shipping, trade fair and / or shop fitting, etc.
  • In summary it is really difficult that it will not be useful for the growth of your business, the problem is the time available to me, which sees me forced to deny my advice for most of the requests.
  • The telephone call will allow me to understand if I can help you and how, being an honest (and very busy) person I find it the best solution for both.
    If during the call there are the conditions to start a collaboration relationship, I will be happy to be able to help you through my advice.
    Eventually, later I could give you my availability in managing a specific project until its conclusion.

My service offers a strategic solution to help your business achieve its goals.

We will work together to develop a profitable strategy for your products, improve management and sales, and achieve brilliant results.

With my help, you will reach your goals and improve your business.

Phone call: 1h € 1000

Advice at your office: € 100000

In a nutshell, thanks to my Product Strategy skills, I can help you build a product in line with your vision and goals by creating and pursuing an effective and well-defined strategy.

andrea ghetti